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Hi, My name is Paul and as far back as I can remember, when I was a little tacker I loved running around outdoors, exploring and having “adventures” as kids do and I was only limited by my imagination (and sometimes my parents sensibility)

If there was a tall tree around, I’d climb it and try to reach the top with total disregard for my safety.  I’d ‘surf’ my little old school plastic skateboard down the flooded gutters of my street during storms pretending to be a pro-surfer. I’d scoot down the steep, grassy embankments at a nearby reservoir on cardboard and roll down them until my head was spinning and I was grass stained from head to toe. I won’t even get started on the local MUD POOLS… Aah the memories of digging the dirt out of my ear holes for days after

As I got older my Dad introduced me to body surfing, then he and my Grandfather taught me the fundamentals of boating and fishing. At around 12 years old I  joined the scouts and loved it. Through the scouts I became very interested in camping and everything associated with it but my Dad became pretty ill at around this time and we didn’t have much opportunity to go camping as a family so instead, my parents encouraged me to build a campsite in our backyard which I did.                                                                All of my mates would be stoked to be camping out at my house on the weekends. Cooking sausages and marshmallows over the campfire and making hot chocolate and telling ghost stories until we were too S#*T scared to go to sleep… HAPPY DAYS!

Fast forward many years and guess what? Yep, I grew into a responsible adult (I’ll use that term loosely)/worker/father/consumer. There were bills to be paid, mouths to be fed, Bosses to be kept happy (yeah right) and somewhere along the line I lost sight of a very important component in my life… My imagination and zest for being outdoors

But all was not lost…

…Long story short, about 10 years ago I took stock of my life and hit my reset button. Since then I’ve rekindled my passion for adventure and all things outdoors, trading holidays in nice hotels for camping in the GREAT OUTDOORS where I belong. Then there’s the Fishing, Boating, surfing, skiing, four wheel driving and all the stuff that connects me back with my inner kid. This is how it’s meant to be


What outdoor interests are you passionate about?

Are you getting outdoors as much as you’d like to? If not, ask yourself why

What’s your next adventure?

Who’s going with you?

I guarantee you, once you start thinking about these questions you’ll be re-living your past experiences in your mind and daydreaming about your next adventure(s)

Do it…Life’s too short


Whatever it is you’re into and whatever level you’re at, you’ll be sure to find a ton of interesting info, tips, tricks, and products to satisfy the Outdoor Adventurer in you

Please feel free to leave questions and/or comments in the articles. I look forward to connecting with you soon




Rick · 05/02/2020 at

This is a very interesting article and it really got me thinking about what I am not doing anymore. I use to rock climb and go camping all the time until life got in the way. But isn’t it suppose to be the other way… living the life we want? Ya you got me thinking and its time to get back outdoors. Thanks brother.

    Paul Rees · 27/02/2020 at

    Hi Rick

    It’s true isn’t it, that one of the implications of being a ‘grown up’ is that it hinders most of us from doing the fun things we loved doing as we were growing up? BUT ONLY IF WE LET IT.

    I commend you for your awareness and yes my friend, it is time you get back outdoors and take your tent and your climbing gear and find your INNER ADVENTURER again.

    I wish you all the best Rick and If you need any inspiration you know where to come 🙂


Butch · 08/02/2020 at

Hi Paul, I had a look around, very well laid out site, the theme is fantastic, I especially like the font on your headings, the posts I read are very well written and informative, I liked the link to jerky recipes ( love jerky ). The imagery is stunning. I am not much of a camper ( more of a glamper ) your Glamping Food post was informative, keep going forward, excellent content, all the best

    Paul Rees · 27/02/2020 at

    Hi Butch

    Thank you for your glowing review of odysseyposse.com. I’m glad you like it.

    Jerky…mmmm, I love it too and not just when I’m camping (or glamping) either. Actually, I’m eating some now 🙂

    Anyway, I digress. I appreciate you dropping by and sharing your thoughts and it’s people like you who inspire me to keep putting out content to hopefully inform and entertain.

    All the best Butch


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