Put your hand up if you LOVE YOUR JOB!….Hmmm (do I hear crickets?)

NOW, Put your hand up if you love the idea of having an Adventure!… YAY!!!Hands up YAY!

You really didn’t put your hand up for either did you? Haha, I didn’t think so, but I’m sure you know what I’m getting at.
The following are a few ideas and tips to help you drill down, realise what it is most of us really NEED in our lives, get up out of that chair and LIVE FOR AN ADVENTURE!



WORK TO LIVE, DON’T LIVE TO WORK – What a concept!

Sometimes I wonder how the “9 to 5, five day working week” came to be and how our society basically revolves around the whole thing. Why couldn’t they have found a way to make it so Work to livewe only work 3 or 4 days a week instead? (Better yet, 2 days). We sure would be a happier mob

It is what it is I guess, but that doesn’t mean we have to “mentally” conform. I mean, surely “the system” can’t control our individual minds right? So instead of waking up every day dreading the standstill traffic, the boss’s snide remarks, the incessant workplace gossip (not to mention drinking that crappy brown dust provided that they call coffee) wake up and take your first waking minutes to remember that this is “not the be all and end all”

We all may have to work but our job does not have to define our existence.

Please disregard the above comments if you are one of the 13% of people worldwide that actually love going to your job…. Good for you!

TIP: Break your daily thought patterns at least three times a day by thinking about a place you want to visit (or re-visit), a stimulating activity that you love doing or want to do one day, people you’d like to meet and a culture that you want to experience. In a nutshell, whatever stirs your imagination and gets you pumped. This will start sparking neurons in your brain that will guide the way to a life full of adventure. Doubtful? Try it and see what happens. What have you got to lose?



What is Adventure?

By definition, Adventure is : – (noun) – Participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises. – The encountering of risks

The word Adventure might conjure images of a perilous climb to the summit of Mount Everest or an intimidating voyage across The Indian ocean or an unforgiving subzero trek across The Antarctic. Remarkable ventures indeed, but for all intents & purposes, let us view adventure as – an exclusive journey, an awesome experience and/or personal missions which are only defined and qualified by you



William Feather


We absolutely have to make time in our life for OUR OWN quests no matter how big or small they may be. There is no right or wrong adventure either because again, they are ours and they will, without doubt build character and provide lifelong memories. WE OWE IT TO OURSELVES!
So, why not begin right now?….


Plan your adventure

What is it that you want to do? Deep down you really do know what the answer is and when it pops into your head please DO NOT dismiss it with thoughts of “one day I’ll get around to it” or, “I’m too old” or, “its not a priority right now”, etc. Try this instead… Take a minute to connect with your thoughts, visualise the experience and imagine the feelings, sounds and smells you might associate with the experience then WRITE YOUR ADVENTURE DOWN ON PAPER and put it somewhere where you’ll see it all the time (a cork board would be ideal). You can even put pictures that relate to your adventure around your writings as this will help define your intentions and set the wheels in motion.
Remember, this is your journey so the only limitations are what the ones you apply and once again, it doesn’t matter how big or small you want your adventure to be. It is what you choose!



I know the word ‘Adventure’ has probably been a tad overdone in this article, but it’s such a captivating word that stirs the imagination, something that most of us don’t use enough of as adults. I bet you used to imagine stuff all the time as a child and you’ll probably agree that they were the best times of your life. If you can rekindle and nurture your childhood imagination and amalgamate that with your years of knowledge and then what’s to stop you from having an amazing life filled with new experiences and adventures that one day you’ll reflect on and never regret never trying?


To sum it all up

Realise that “we work to live, we don’t live to work” unless you’re the minor exception (not necessarily a bad thing) and remember, the fundamental reason for working at a job is above all to make money in order to provide food and shelter! Keeping our nose to the grindstone (as important as it may seem) is not the sole purpose of our existence.
Think of activities you want to do, places you want to see (or even re-visit) and/or people/cultures you want to meet or encounter. Consciously do this several times a day to help keep the feelings alive. Pretty soon your mind will catch on and conjure things up without much prompting.
WRITE YOUR ADVENTURES DOWN & IMAGINE THEM IN ALL THEIR RICHNESS. Use pictures for inspiration if required. This is a great practice but be sure to exercise that KID IMAGINATION.
Your adventures are what you want them to be. There is no right or wrong, big or small. It doesn’t matter. The only person that can rate your experiences is YOU



“THE VERY BASIC CORE OF A MAN’S LIVING SPIRIT IS HIS PASSION FOR ADVENTURE”            Passion for adventureChristopher McCandless

I sincerely hope this has inspired you to set out to do something you hadn’t even considered doing yesterday (or the day before) and above all, to have a RICHER LIFE as a result of it


Until next time…




ellen · 29/06/2019 at

Hi! Thank you, this is really inspiring!!
I really want to go for an adventure when I read this! I more and more realized that I want to live more and work less… Or at least do something more fun for work. so I will!!
I did as you wrote and I got A LOT at my list!! 😀 but now is the problem, where to start?… have any suggestions?

Best wishes

ps, I did put my hand up 😉

    Paul Rees · 27/02/2020 at

    Hi Ellen

    If I’m reading this right, you seem pretty enthusiastic about adventure and that’s exactly how I want people who read this post to feel because ‘Adventure’ means different things to different people and if an individual gets unreservedly excited when they hear that word then they’re on the right track.

    As for where to start Ellen, I wish I could point you in the right direction but it all depends on what adventure means to you and what motivates you. Personally, whenever I’m at a ‘cross road’, I just get back to nature for a day or two to ‘reset’ and decide what my next adventure will be.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for your comment Ellen and I wish you many HAPPY ADVENTURES!


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